IT Strategic Planning
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IT Strategic Planning
In order to best use technology for strategic alignment, risks need to be defined and mitigated. Our strategic planning approach evaluates your organization’s near- and long-term requirements against market conditions, existing technologies, perceptions and attitudes, and capital and operating expense considerations to develop a path for acquiring and implementing technologies to support strategic objectives. Specific assistance includes:
  • Multi-year technology plans.
  • Business plans for community technology deployment (health information exchange [HIE], EHR donations, management services organization [MSO] development, etc.)
  • System design, integration, and architectural enhancements.
  • Technology assessment and risk-mitigation strategies.
  • Evaluation of emerging technologies and solutions.
  • Development of Internet and e-commerce strategies.
  • Evaluation and coaching of the IT function to attain goals.

Our planning processes are focused, participatory, and educational, resulting in a plan that is agreed upon by your organization and ready to be implemented.