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Information Technology
Management of information systems within healthcare organizations has always been challenging. Balancing the needs of financial, operational, and clinical information management is increasingly complex. The evolving reimbursement environment, alignment of physicians with hospitals, pay-for-performance trends, and outcomes management needs are only a few of the factors that must be addressed by information technology (IT) services. The complexity and costs of needed technology can be daunting.

At TRIUM, we understand this environment. We have significant expertise in managing the critical information interface between physician practices, ambulatory services, and inpatient programs. Our depth and breadth of experience in the complexities of IT within clinical settings allows us to chart a clear and efficient direction for the full range of your IT needs.

As you consider consulting services, you look for a combination of attributes to successfully meet your goals. Technical expertise, sensitivity to the culture of your organization, communication skills, and a commitment to solving your most critical problems are all important for success. We believe these attributes are critical to staying focused on intended outcomes while demystifying IT planning and implementation within your organization. Depending on the solutions you seek and the availability of internal resources, our role can range from:

  • An important technical resource in utilizing technology as a tool to drive operations/financial performance improvement.
  • A trusted adviser in strategic decision making.
  • A partner in IT planning and implementation.